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Jacqui Baker

Recovery & Dating Expert for Senior Singles

Jacqui is the only recovery and dating expert in the UK who specialises in singles aged in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

She mentors people who have reached mid-life/later in life and suddenly found themselves single, either through the rejection of a long-term partner, the loss of a loved one or never found lasting love.

Jacqui helps disperse pre-set misconceptions about how a prospective partner should look and behave.  She explains how important values and commonalities are as a great basis to move forward when first dating, and not image, height, and ethnicity, which are always the 'game changers' on any online profile.​

Jacqui is a firm believer that if you follow her advice, you will have a much greater chance of finding the person you so dearly desire to accompany you on the next chapter in your life journey and save you from the grim loneliness of being old and alone.

We are never too old to fall madly or sensibly in love! 💖

Jacqui Baker Collaborations

About me

I am a 58 year old single lady living in Hampshire (3 children and 2 dogs).  I am originally from Northern Ireland and moved to Hampshire, UK nearly 10 years ago.  I became single nearly 5 years ago, and found this was an immense changing point in my life.  

At that point, I left my University job, embarked on a new and scary solo adventure which involved starting my own, now successful business specialising in introducing single people mid-life/later-in-life, and following that a further part of the business which develops and delivers specialist events to allow singles to meet in a non-dating environment - often leading to friendships starting and relationships being formed without the stigma of being in a dating arena.


I am now working on a new advice hub, which will provide useful guidance on how to begin again after the end of a long term relationship, through divorce or bereavement. If I can help one person every day or give someone hope in that they are worthy of being loved again, then this will make a worthwhile difference. 


Please watch out for blogs, videos, hints & tips happening on this site, Select Connections & Select Events from January 2023.

I look forward to hearing your story and if I can help in any way, then please sign up for my newsletter or email me at​ or click the link below:

Take good care.

Jacqui Baker 😊

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