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Jacqui Baker Collaborations

Jacqui Baker

Recovery & Dating Expert for Senior Singles

Are you over 50 and struggling to navigate the world of dating?


Meet Jacqui, the leading recovery and dating expert in the UK, specialising in singles aged in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. She is here to help individuals who have found themselves single later in life due to various circumstances such as the end of a long-term relationship, the loss of a loved one, or never having found lasting love.

Jacqui's expertise lies in mentoring people during this phase of life, providing invaluable guidance and support. She strives to dispel preconceived notions about how potential partners should look and behave. Instead, she emphasises the significance of shared values and common interests as a solid foundation for meaningful connections when first venturing into the dating world.


With Jacqui's assistance, you can move beyond superficial factors like appearance, height, and ethnicity, which are often overrated on online dating profiles.

Jacqui firmly believes that by adhering to her advice, you greatly increase your chances of finding the ideal partner to join you on the next chapter of your life journey.


No one should have to face the prospect of ageing alone, and Jacqui is committed to helping you find the companionship and love you truly desire.

Remember, age should never be a barrier to experiencing deep and genuine love.


With Jacqui's expert guidance, you can open yourself to the possibility of falling madly or sensibly in love once again.


So, if you're ready to embark on a new romantic adventure tailored to your unique needs and aspirations, let Jacqui be your partner in this exciting journey towards finding lasting happiness. 💖

We are never too old to fall madly or sensibly in love! 💖

About me

Ready to step out and connect with someone to continue this 3rd chapter of life, whether it be finding love, nurturing companionship, or a like-minded partner?


Welcome to my world—a place where love knows no expiration date, and happiness knows no age limits.


I'm Jacqui Baker, and I'm excited to connect with amazing singles like you, aged over 50, over 60 and over 70, eagerly searching for a partner to enrich their lives.

This new dating scene can be both thrilling and overwhelming, but fear not, for I am here to guide you every step of the way.

Let me share a bit about myself. I'm a 59-year-old single lady, originally from Northern Ireland and for the last decade I have been residing in the picturesque countryside of the South of England, just a stone's throw away from the bustling energy of London.

My life revolves around the best of both worlds—the tranquillity of the countryside and the excitement of London—enabling me to offer support to fellow singles across the country in navigating the various aspects of being single mid-life and later-in-life.  I do this through in-person or online sessions,  bespoke singles events, mentoring sessions and delivering talks to niche groups.

Five years ago, life presented me with a transformative opportunity when I found myself single again. It led me to make bold choices—steering my way through the trials and tribulations of online dating and taking the time to rediscover what I truly wanted at this stage in my life—a path that was vastly different from my desires in the 1980s when I was last single.

Today, I'm proud to run a successful business that specialises in bringing together single people in the prime of their lives.

If you find yourself at a point where starting anew after a long-term relationship ended seems both exciting and uncertain, know that you are not alone. This phase holds great promise, and you deserve to find love and happiness again.

As a successful dating coach specialising in mid-life and later-in-life connections, my mission is to provide you with a safe and nurturing space to explore the possibilities of love. Together, we will navigate the dating world with confidence and ease, leaving behind any doubts that might hold you back.

My mission is to assist you in recognising and embracing your unique fabulousness.

While preferences can be important in the early stages of dating and attraction, they are not the foundation of a lasting and meaningful relationship. Values are much more significant in the long run because they influence how two individuals will handle challenges, conflicts, and life decisions together.

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