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Easter is here...... Are you ready to dust yourself off & Start Dating - BETTER?

Many of my older singles see the arrival of Easter as a time to come out of hibernation, dust themselves down, and think about making a conscious effort to make the first steps, or in some cases, if they have been dating unsuccessfully, better steps in looking for a companion.

Personally, I love Easter because it means we see the weather changing to the lovely spring mornings and a stretch in the evenings. Mainly, the misery of the long, cold winter days after the festivities of Christmas are behind us, and it feels like there is so much more to look forward to.

Also, Easter is the busiest time of year for us here at Select Connections, again because there are so many older singles who don’t want to date online and prefer the guidance and confidentiality that we represent for them in what can be a really daunting experience. It seems that they also see this time of year as an opportunity to take the first steps or new steps in their quest to find a companion.

I wanted to share some of the strategies I use when mentoring all my clients before and during their dating journey so that I may help everyone with practical advice and insights that are especially relevant as we embrace the vibrant season of spring.

Embrace Positivity and Openness: First and foremost, I encourage all my clients to approach dating with a positive mindset. It’s natural to carry hesitations or past disappointments into new experiences, but spring symbolises renewal and growth. Let this season inspire you to open your heart and mind to new possibilities. Remember, optimism is contagious and can make you even more attractive to potential companions.

Update Your Profile with Spring in Mind: For those venturing into or continuing with online dating, now is the perfect time to refresh your profile. Add new photos that capture you enjoying the brighter days of spring, whether that’s a picture in a blooming garden, taking a leisurely walk in a scenic park, or enjoying a springtime hobby. A refreshed profile shows that you’re active and engaged with life, appealing qualities at any age.

Explore New Activities and Hobbies: Spring is the perfect season to try something new or pick up a hobby you’ve neglected. Not only do new activities provide great conversation starters, but they also expand your social circle. Whether it’s a gardening class, a painting workshop, or a group walking tour, these activities can be wonderful opportunities to meet someone with similar interests.

Focus on Building Connections: While the goal may be to find a romantic companion, it’s important to focus on building genuine connections first. Engage in conversations without the pressure of immediately finding “the one.” By embracing friendships, you increase your chances of meeting someone special, either directly or through new acquaintances.

Consider Non-Traditional Venues for Meeting People: While online dating can be a great tool, don’t overlook the potential of meeting someone through less traditional means. Community events, volunteer organisations, book clubs, and even local lectures or talks can be great places to meet people who share your interests and values.

Be Patient and Kind to Yourself: Finally, remember that good things often take time. Be patient with yourself and the dating process. Each interaction and experience is a step forward, even if it doesn’t immediately lead to a romantic connection. Celebrate the small victories and enjoy the journey.

As we step into the freshness of spring, let's carry that sense of renewal and hope into our dating lives. At Select Connections, we're here to support you every step of the way, offering guidance, confidentiality, and the personalised touch that makes all the difference.

Remember, spring is a season of new beginnings, and it could very well be the start of a beautiful new chapter in your life

At Select Connections, we understand that the journey to find love and companionship is deeply personal and varies greatly from one individual to another. This understanding has led us to curate three distinct pathways to love: Club Select and Select/Elite & Bespoke. Each service is designed with the utmost care to meet the varied needs and preferences of our clients.

In addition to the strategies and support we offer at Select Connections, I'm thrilled to announce a brand-new opportunity for those seeking a more tailored approach to their dating journey without the commitment of our one-on-one premium services. Understanding that our premium matchmaking packages may not be accessible to everyone, we've joined forces with Lorraine @ Gorgeous Network to provide a solution that marries the convenience of online dating with an element of matchmaking.

Introducing Club Select, an innovative membership designed for those who crave a more personalized dating experience at an attainable price point.

At a price of £550 for six months, Club Select stands out as a unique alternative to the overwhelming world of standard dating apps. It's perfect for those who find themselves lost in the digital dating shuffle, providing a bridge between impersonal online platforms and our bespoke matchmaking services.

What Sets Club Select Apart?

- Client Vetting: Every Club Select member undergoes a vetting process. This ensures that you're connecting with authentic individuals who are as serious about finding meaningful companionship as you are.

- Professional Profile Creation: Our team takes control in presenting the best version of you online. By highlighting your unique qualities, we tailor your profile to attract partners that resonate with your values and interests.

- Curated Matches: Each month, you'll receive 2-3 selected profiles. While these matches are not as pinpointed as those from our premium matchmaking, our team ensures they align with several of your key preferences. It's a balance of thoughtful consideration and broader opportunities.

- Personalised Introductions: When a mutual interest sparks, Club Select personally facilitates the introduction, setting the stage for a potential connection without the awkwardness of navigating initial conversations online.

Club Select is an exceptional choice for those seeking meaningful connections without the full investment of high-end matchmaking one-to-one service. It's designed for individuals who are ready to explore the possibilities of love and companionship during the prime years of their lives, offering an innovative path forward.

These two membership packages represent the height of personalised matchmaking and dating mentorship. Designed for clients who seek a deeper, more personal touch, these memberships are led by myself, Jacqui Baker, the UK's premier Dating Mentor for Mature Singles, and are committed to guiding you at your own pace towards finding a companion that connects with you for this particular chapter in your life and to set you up for the best years ahead.

If you think you are ready to embark on a journey towards meaningful companionship with the support of experts who truly understand the nuances of mature dating, then get in touch for a discovery call at or email us at

Your next chapter awaits.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Wishing you all the health and happiness ❤️💕

Jacqui Baker

& The Team @ Select

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