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Free (Dating) Advice For Singles Over 50

The weekend is here and despite storm Ciaran (actually now everyone knows how my eldest son's name is spelled and pronounced - who would have thought it would take a storm😁).

This weekend there is a window for some lovely autumn meet-ups for us mature singles.

I've noticed that the word 'dating' often comes with too much pressure and stigma, especially for those of us in our 50s and beyond. We're not alone in our worries about age and appearance; the people we meet likely share the same concerns.

So, how about we change our perspective on what a 'date' means, especially for mature daters? If we eliminate the word 'date,' could it make our encounters less stressful and more enjoyable, leading to more second chances?

My advice, whether you're seeking love or friendship, is to see each meeting as an opportunity to connect, have fun, and enrich your life, without the pressure of instant commitment.

We mature daters come with a history that's shaped us. It's not baggage; it's a part of what makes us unique. Let's embrace it and be proud of the journey that's brought us here.

In short, let's redefine how we approach social interactions in our 50s and beyond. Instead of 'dates,' let's see them as opportunities for connection, enrichment, and, who knows, maybe even lasting friendships.

Get out and meet new friends and acquaintances this weekend that could lead to a second meetup with a new friend and acquaintance and then .........

Remove the pressure and stigma.

I look forward to sharing more insights and experiences with you in the future.

Warm regards,

Jacqui Baker

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